Melody Assistant


Music composing and editing software similar to Harmony Assistant

Current version:


Latest release date:

May 29th 2012




Windows, Macintosh, Linux

Melody Assistant is a reduced version of Harmony Assistant. Unlike Harmony, its primary function is mostly music creation, due to the lack of the page mode which is present in Harmony, as well as the engraver mode (a system for automatic calculation of spacing between notes, which adds a score a better look). Note that every feature available in Melody Assistant is included in Harmony Assistant.

Import and export formats Edit

These are the import and export formats that Melody Assistant is able to handle:

Generic score formats:

  • mus, myr (standard loseless native file format)
  • bak (backup copy, native format)
  • mux ("stand alone", soundbase-independent native format)
  • mu3 (compressed, also native format, in which audio data is lossy)
  • midi, mid (MIDI)
  • kar (MIDI Karaoke)
  • mid (Rich Tablature MIDI)
  • mxl, xml (Music XML, import only)
  • xmz (Packed MusicXML, import only)
  • cmf (Creative Music Format)
  • abc
  • tab
  • mod (import only)
  • s3m (import only)

Note: Native format files are compatible with Harmony Assistant

Audio formats:

  • wav (Wave)
  • aif (AIFF)
  • mp3 (MPEG Layer 3)
  • ogg (Ogg Vorbis)
  • brt (Raw)
  • Mac Audio ResourceUpdUp