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Welcome to Myriad Software Wiki, the unofficial wiki about Myriad Software. Here, you will find information concerning the products developed by Myriad, as well as data concerning community events and others. Don't hesitate to contribute to the wiki by helping its construction and submitting your knowledge of Myriad Products.


This wiki is an initiative of a few users from the Myriad community. It contains no official interferences from the Myriad team, and therefore might not contain fully accurate content. However we try to add as much solid and consistent information as possible. The theme of this wiki should include topics regarding Myriad and its immediate surroundings but is not necessarily limited to such subjects, although articles must have a common subject. Myriad is a small software development company whose products specialize in the area of music and multimedia. Its software include various programs ranging from sheet music editors to music rendering plug-ins.

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Score appearance is a crucial element in editing scores. Using Harmony Assistant, you can customize the look of your scores to the smallest details.

The software

Here is a list of the most popular programs designed by Myriad:

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