A staff is a storage space for musical symbols generally consisting of 5 horizontal parallel lines. In Harmony Assistant, the staff is a crucial element in developing a score. Staves can be of various types, therefore having the ability to store various types of data. The most classic kind of staff is the 5-line standard staff, which supports the existence of a clef. Every staff in Harmony Assistant has an own name, even if this might be blank.

LogoWindowsSmall Staff > Add staff... Ctrl+Shift+A
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It is possible to change the type of a staff at anytime, but due to different data formats, data losses may occur; for instance, at a conversion between a standard and a digital track, the notes on the standard staff are going to be converted into audio data which is rendered on the staff but the process is irreversible.

Every staff can be modified through a personal menu which is slightly different in structure from one staff type to another. In page mode, this menu is unavailable unless control handles are active. The menu is displayed at the extreme left of the staff's editable area and takes the form of an icon collection.

Staff types Edit

The diversity of available staff types ranges from digital tracks, who are mainly directed towards sound rendering, to staves who rather exist for their graphical effect (like the text staff). In addition, there is a special kind of staff, called the tempo staff, which can only be existent once in a score. Here is a list of staff types:

Standard staff Edit

The standard staff is the most common type of staff: the 5-line staff which contains musical symbols. Being the most commonly used staff type, it offers a large amount of customization options.

Grid drum staff Edit

The grid drum staff is a staff type designed for drums and other non-chromatic sounds, like effects. Grid drum staves are not usually printed in a concert score, but are extremely useful inside Harmony Assistant, as they take little space and can be easily customized.

Standard drum staff Edit

Standard drum staves are the most common type of staves used for notation of drums. They are very similar to standard staves, except for the unchangeable clef, and the fact that they are usually used for aggregations of several non-chromatic sounds inside the space of one single staff.

Text staff Edit

The text staff is an excerpted lyrics component of a standard staff, holding nothing else than text.

Gregorian staff Edit

A Gregorian staff is a staff written using Gregorian notation.

Digital track Edit

Digital tracks are streams of pure audio data, without any note associations. They can only contain waveforms who can be edited using different audio manipulation options and effects available. Digital tracks are very useful, but because they are encoded as wave, they tend to occupy space.

Tempo staff Edit

The Tempo staff is a special staff type, which controls the tempo in a way similar to a parameter curve.