A standard drum staff is a staff type almost identical as functionality with a standard staff, but which is used for non-chromatic instruments, who are grouped on a single staff by the use of rules.

The standard drum staff supports only one type of clef, namely the neutral or percussion clef. However, if notes who do not belong to any rule specified in the staff's drum set are played, their sound corresponds to the location of the G clef.

Staff menu items Edit

Similarly to a standard staff, the standard drum staff contains all the available menu items. Furthermore, the options menu for a standard drum staff is identical to the options menu for a standard staff.

One line staff Edit


It is a common technique for standard drum staves to be displayed as a one-line staff. This form is usually needed for the notation of a singular drum instrument. To achieve this effect, go to the display mode dialog inside the staff options menu, press "Staff lines" and then press the "One short line" button. Note that in this case you will still be able to insert notes with other pitches than the one located exactly on the one line.