The Tempo staff is a special staff type, which isn't manipulated similarly to other staves. Firstly, in a score, there can exist no more than a single tempo staff. The tempo staff is only available when using the scroll mode, and therefore is purely impossible to print.

A tempo staff is used to define the tempo flow of a score. Using the note tools, one can insert values into the staff. The process of modifying the tempo happens as following: A note duration is selected. It doesn't specifically matter what duration the note is, unless another tempo change will occur within the same bar. The "note" is inserted inside the tempo staff graph, whose y axis represents the beats per minute value. After that graph entry, the tempo will remain at the same value until modified again, using the tempo staff or a tempo change.

Staff menu items Edit

The tempo staff does not have any available options displayed in the staff menu. However, if one clicks on the staff menu area, the icons are still present there, but invisible. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to make use of those options, as crashes may occur.